CAKE Comedy Tour

The CAKE Comedy Tour

The CAKE Comedy Tour, featuring NYC-based comedians Carrie Gravenson (Caroline’s on Broadway), Abbi Crutchfield (truTV), Kaytlin Bailey (MTV, SiriusXM), and LA-based comedian Erin Judge (NBC’s Last Comic Standing), is teaming up with Kickstarter to pioneer a brand new way for indie tours to sell more tickets and reach more fans. We caught up with Kaytlin to discuss how this new approach to touring is changing the industry.

How did a foursome like yourselves come together and decide to go on tour?

Kaytlin: I wanted to tour with women I admired in comedy, so I put the Pink
Collar Comedy Tour together and bullied the other ladies into doing
it. It worked, so we kept doing it.

What do you define as indie comedy?

KB: Most comics are basically lone wolf, cowboy type people without any rugged outdoorsy survival skills. I don’t know a single comic who
thinks of themselves as member of “the establishment.” But the goal of independently produced comedy is to cultivate your own audience instead of showing up a club to do “comedy” for the a broad and random assortment of people. If we treated music shows like comedy shows it would be ridiculous. Can you imagine hearing “show up on Thursday to hear some music! You like music right?” With no distinction between experimental jazz, punk, or country-it would be weird. I think it’s just as weird to promote comedy like that.

What has your experience been like doing the Pink Collar Comedy Tour?

KB: Selling out the Purple Onion in San Francisco was incredible. Driving
8 hours to Toronto during the Snowpocalypse to perform for 6 confused Canadians was also incredible but only in that we survived. I love doing anything with the CAKE girls, even if we almost die.

What are the advantage of the Kickstarter approach to comedy tours and do you see more comedy performers adopting it as a primary way to market their shows?

KB:The advantage for performers is that you know people are coming to the show and are excited to see you perform. It’s less of a crap shoot.
For audiences, you can connect with performers you love and help them get to your town! You can also tell us what kind of show you want, do you want to sit down in a comfy chair with a waiter and a nice wine list? Great! Buy a $25 ticket and we’ll make it happen. Do you want to go to a place with cheap drinks and a dive feel? Cool! Buy a bunch of $10 tickets. Kickstarter campaigns are all about connection, we want a relationship with our fans-we want to meet them, share a drink, hangout and put together an incredible show. If this works for us, other comedy tours should try it, bands should definitely try it. Even if it doesn’t work for us, you should try it. I think this is a great idea.

What does 2017 have in store for the CAKE Comedy Tour?

KB:If we pull this off we’ll be putting together another tour as soon as we catch our breath. We want to perform all over. If you want to see the CAKE Comedy Tour come to your town, shoot us an email, and if we pre-sell enough tickets, we’ll do it!

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