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Seales Delivers the Greatest Ever

If you’re tired of summer re-runs, have no fear – TruTV is coming at you with its brand new comedy series Greatest Ever, debuting July 5th at 10pm. Hosted by versatile comedian Amanda Seales, the show is a fast-paced combo of pop culture, entertaining videos, hilarious commentary, and much, much more. We caught up with Amanda to discuss her love of Los Angeles, balancing a heavy workload, and how to avoid being a victim of street harassment.

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A Jen-erous approach to sketch comedy

“We wanted it to be sharp and clean. We have a very fast-paced show that we’ve created,” says comedian Jennifer Bartels in describing her upcoming sketch show “Friends of the People” airing this fall on truTV. I caught up with Jen to discuss her new project and what it’s like working with identical twin comedians, among others.

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