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Seales Delivers the Greatest Ever

If you’re tired of summer re-runs, have no fear – TruTV is coming at you with its brand new comedy series Greatest Ever, debuting July 5th at 10pm. Hosted by versatile comedian Amanda Seales, the show is a fast-paced combo of pop culture, entertaining videos, hilarious commentary, and much, much more. We caught up with Amanda to discuss her love of Los Angeles, balancing a heavy workload, and how to avoid being a victim of street harassment.

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Let’s talk about “Sex Tape”

Interviews with the stars of “Sex Tape” in theaters July 18th.

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Dawn of the Planet of the Apes – Red Carpet Premiere

Soundbites from the red carpet premiere of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

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Interviews with the cast of 22 Jump Street

The cast of 22 Jump Street. In theaters now.

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The Art of Cat Calling

As recently as this week I’ve happened upon two separate status updates from women regarding unwanted attention from men. The first seemed more serious in tone, with two men literally standing in the way of two women and attempting to get them to join them for a drink. The second is people I know getting cat-called on the streets of New York, presumably because it’s warmer out and women wear less clothing and the male mind set goes directly to ‘let me voice my appreciation for what you’re wearing by yelling something.’ I’m not saying that’s the best strategy for picking up women, but in this case it’s more about personal choice.
So how do women combat unwanted attention from men? Unfortunately a lot of men think they’re entitled to make suggestive comments to women and get what they want. It’s called the male ego and it’s been digging holes for men for thousands of years. It’s also, as I said, a warm weather thing. You don’t hear a lot about cat calls in the winter for that reason, there are too many layers to deal with. As a side note, if you walk around town wearing Lululemon yoga pants not expecting to get unwanted attention, your best bet is to turn around, head home, and put on a burka. I’ve seen women wear ‘warm weather’ outfits that they probably should have sold ad space on, because everyone’s looking at their butt.
With that said, not every episode of unwanted male attention has to turn into a Law & Order episode where you’re hoping that Maritzka Hargitay will jump out and tell the guy to knock it off. Unfortunately, in real life, that doesn’t happen. It doesn’t mean, however, that you have to end up being the victim. There’s nothing an assertive man hates more than an equally assertive woman with an object in her hand who is ready to use it. It could be a cell phone, it could be mace, it could be a gun. Whatever it is, you take that out and if the individual knows what’s best for him, he will be on his merry way. As a side note, this is not to say that women who don’t want to harassed need to carry fire arms. They don’t, but if you had gun in your purse, took it out and said ‘leave me alone or I will shoot off a part of your body you didn’t know existed,’ you might just find yourself regaining the upper hand in that situation.
The real issue is this: men have been rude and obnoxious and tried too hard to get women’s attention for thousands of years. It’s just how men work, and women have to deal with it. A lot of you reading this wouldn’t be here if a man hadn’t tried too hard to get a woman’s attention. Men enjoy the cat-calling because they know it gets women’s attention and pisses them off. It’s the same concept as throwing sand at a girl in the sandbox, it’s an obnoxious way of flirting, but men don’t know any better. To us, cat calling is a fun game of ‘can I get her attention and how pissed will she be at me?
Is it true that when cat calling becomes verbal and possible physical harassment that it has gone too far? Yes, but that’s why God invented mace and the police department. Tell someone to knock it off and if they don’t oblige you tell them you’ll get someone to assist them in knocking it off and see what happens. Or you could just wear these leggings

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