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The Raybould Brothers

When a meeting at Dunkin’ Donuts leads to a new brand of sketch comedy. Meet Brett, Jordan, and Dan – better known as The Raybould Brothers.

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A Jen-erous approach to sketch comedy

“We wanted it to be sharp and clean. We have a very fast-paced show that we’ve created,” says comedian Jennifer Bartels in describing her upcoming sketch show “Friends of the People” airing this fall on truTV. I caught up with Jen to discuss her new project and what it’s like working with identical twin comedians, among others.

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Let’s talk about “Sex Tape”

Interviews with the stars of “Sex Tape” in theaters July 18th.

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Minority Report – Comedy Edition

(Disclaimer: The author is a Jewish white male who has never auditioned for SNL)

As a judge tonight at the She-Devil Comedy Festival in Long Island City, I couldn’t help but reflect on the recent controversy created by SNL cast member Kenan Thompson regarding the lack of black women on the show, which to me was an extension of the “women aren’t funny” firestorm of a few years ago.
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A Nod for Dodd

“No Show: A One Woman Show”
Starring Jenn Dodd

Comedic actress Jenn Dodd takes on many characters in her new solo show.
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A Taste of Comedy Bang! Bang! at NYU’s Skirball Center

By Willie Muse

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The Birthday Boys on IFC

They met at Ithaca College and now they have their own show sketch show on IFC, courtesy of Bob Odenkirk. Tim Kalpakis, Mike Mitchell, and Matt Kowalick are 3 members of The Birthday Boys, currently on tour to promote their show premiering October 18th.
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Jenn Dodd is a No Show

Texas native Jenn Dodd is a character actress living in Astoria, Queens. She has spent the past few years cultivating her craft which has led to both her current variety show Buttski & Glasscock’s New Talent Blowout as well as her upcoming one-women show No Show: A One Woman Show, which takes the stage tonight at Stage Left Studios in NYC. 
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What The Hell Happened To Henry?

What The Hell Happened To Henry?
What The Hell Happened To Henry?

YS) When did you get the idea to write a short play?
SR) The idea behind writing the play came when I got the invitation to attend my friend’s wedding in Israel. I knew that if I was gonna travel 6,000 miles and spend $1200, I better write something out of it, make it deductible.

YS) Was it based on a personal experience or something in popular culture?
RS) The entire one-act is set at the wedding, three guys sitting around a table as the ceremony winds down. The characters are loosely based on my friends, and the story – if you could call it one – is an amalgamation of personal experiences and the secret war diaries of General H. Norman Schwarzkopf.

YS) As the host of Running Late, what are the differences in preparing for the show vs. preparing for the play?
SR) The biggest difference in preparing this show – the first play I’ve ever produced, not to mention the first play I’ve ever written (and the first time I’ve ever truly acted in something) – as opposed to preparing the Running Late shows is that for the play, it’s all about pre-production. First there was writing the play, polishing it over several drafts, and then once being accepted into the festival, I very quickly had to cast the play, find a director, get a poster made, get my set pieces and props together, etc. The show opens tomorrow, and I just cast the final actor to play a small but crucial walk-on role on Saturday, so there’s been a lot of anxiety leading up to the opening. We’ve been rehearsing for the past four weeks — the first two without a director. But once Katy DiSavino came on board, the anxiety greatly subsided. She has brought such a terrific perspective and tremendous insight into the script that I didn’t even see when I was writing it. I think if this play is well-received, it will be because of what Katy has brought to the table, and because my co-stars Mike Antonucci and Yoni Lotan understand their characters so well and deliver hilarious and very honest performances.

With the Running Late shows, a lot of the prep work comes in the days leading up to the show. That’s just the reality of our new weekly schedule. And because it’s a talk show and it’s live and unpredictable, there’s more improvisation and working on the fly. My two producers Jeremy Moses and Matt Buechele are instrumental in helping move the Running Late shows smoothly along.

YS) What can the audience expect ‘What the Hell Happened to Harry?’
SR) I’d say the audience can expect buckets of laughs, but that doesn’t sound very modest, so let’s go with pails. The audience can expect little plastic beach pails of laughs, mostly at the expense of Orthodox Jews, and if their expectations are exceeded, then all the better. Like my mother says, better to be pleasantly surprised then greatly disappointed. If you’re Jewish, you might find extra amusement in the play, but I think the humor and the emotions that I try to convey can be relatable to people of all races and creeds. But not ages. You’ve got to be in your twenties or early thirties to enjoy this. If you’re 34 or above, don’t even bother coming.

Scott Rogowsky
Scott Rogowsky


Dir. Katherine DiSavino
Written by Scott Rogowsky
Starring Mike Antonucci, Yoni Lotan, Scott Rogowsky
Featuring Matt Buechele

PREVIEW on Tues, Feb 12, 8pm at The PIT Downstairs

FESTIVAL PERFORMANCES (John Chatterton’s Midwinter Madness Short Play Festival)
Wed Feb 13, 9pm / Fri Feb 15, 9pm / Sun Feb 17, 3:15pm at Roy Arias Theater (300 W. 43rd St)

Yoni Lotan

Mike Antonucci

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