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The 11th Annual Apollo Theater Spring Gala – Prince Walk of Fame Induction Ceremony

On Monday, June 13th, Prince Rogers Nelson was formally inducted into the Apollo Theater Walk of Fame, joining such musical luminaries as Stevie Wonder, Patti LaBelle, Ella Fitzgerald, Michael Jackson, and James Brown.
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UnTappedPR Presents Dan Reardon at 48 Lounge

On Wednesday night, PR maven Jordana Hazan hosted a private performance at 48 Lounge for emerging New York acoustic guitarist Dan Reardon. His latest album, ‘Can You Hear Me Now’ joins the talented roster at Interscope as Reardon continues to make waves on the national music scene.

AC) Tell us about the vibe you got from the crowd tonite:
DR) It was a fantastic feeling being up there on stage. There was a really good buzz and a really good crowd. I thrive on that stuff. I thrive on playing for people who are really into it and feeding off the crowd and that energy. I was really pleased with the performance and I hope everybody else enjoyed it as well.

AC) You’ve mentioned Dave Matthews as your primary influence. When did you first hear him play and what effect did it have on your music?
DR) Dave Matthews had a tremendous influence for me musically at an earlier age. I never really even thought I wanted to be a musician and I never studied it in school and I actually never took guitar lessons or vocal lessons or anything but I was so mesmerized by his first record ‘Under the Table and Dreaming’ that I wanted to really learn each song to a T and it made me want to pick up a guitar and really have my way on some of those chords that he plays.

AC) Was the guitar a quick learn for you?
DR) It was not a quick learn at all, especially not having taken any lessons. Also identifying with a lot of Dave Matthews chords, they’re not simple. There’s a lot of dexterity involved and a lot of triads that are really a bit of a mind trip when you’re trying to play that, but I think it really made me a big part of the guitar player that I am today.

AC) You have a new EP out, what was the process like of putting that together?
DR) I was actually in a band for four or five years and we had the fantastic opportunity to record 5 records, so the studio experience was not a new experience to me but the solo experience is relatively new, and it’s something that I really enjoy. Working in the studio and really being able to write music and write lyrics that I can strongly identify with that I can feel are my own and are a good reflection of my heartfelt experiences. I really hope that people and fans can appreciate the genuineness of the record. I worked really hard on it and not only wrote the music but also the lyrics and played nearly all the instruments on the record so I felt very proud of it and I really want that to resonate with my fans. I want them to really enjoy the music but understand that everything about it is genuine and heartfelt.

AC) When you’re not onstage, what do you do to relax?
DR) I’ve always been very much into exercise and athletics. I actually play a lot of beach volleyball, I’m not so sure how relaxing that is but it definitely de-stresses me and it’s definitely fun. I really just love the beach and the water and it kind of keeps me at peace, so that’s a really good feeling for me. I really just enjoy every aspect of music, I love listening to music, probably more so when it’s not my own, but I find that to be very relaxing as well.

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