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Comedians You Should Know Invades Gutter Bar

From the Windy City comes Comedians You Should Know, an eclectic mix of comics who are on a mission to make a lasting imprint in the New York comedy scene. Produced by comics David Drake, Jeff Steinbrunner, Saurin Choksi, and Mike Lebovitz, the show has found a home in Brooklyn at Gutter Bar. We caught up with Mike Lebovitz to discuss the history of CYSK and the challenge of creating New York’s best weekly comedy show.

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Seales Delivers the Greatest Ever

If you’re tired of summer re-runs, have no fear – TruTV is coming at you with its brand new comedy series Greatest Ever, debuting July 5th at 10pm. Hosted by versatile comedian Amanda Seales, the show is a fast-paced combo of pop culture, entertaining videos, hilarious commentary, and much, much more. We caught up with Amanda to discuss her love of Los Angeles, balancing a heavy workload, and how to avoid being a victim of street harassment.

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Matt Braunger is the center of “White Flight” on Comedy Central

By @adamullian

Matt Braunger brings his vision of LA in the year 2042 to his new Comedy Central webseries: “White Flight”.

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A DOPE Movie Review

By David Nazario

When hip-hop meets geekdom in an LA neighborhood.

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Guy Branum is Effable

Comedian Guy Branum’s debut album “Effable” is available today on ASpecialThing Records. I caught up with Guy via phone to discuss his commanding stage presence and the changing attitudes of American audiences towards gay culture in comedy.

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Comedian Nick Whitmer at Chelsea Brewing Company

Brooklyn resident and comedian Nick Whitmer sat down with AdamCentric to discuss his burgeoning career, the life of a beer company tour guide, and his advice on what NOT to do if you’re looking for success in the world of stand-up.

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Tone Bell hosts “Jerks with Cameras” on MTV

In 2011, comedian Tone Bell made the move from corporate America to pursue stand-up comedy when he settled in Los Angeles. Now he’s the host of “Jerks with Cameras” on MTV. We caught up with Tone to discuss his new show and the art of public pranks.

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No Regret Fitness Takes on LA

Before and After
Before and After



Anne Nichols is a Person Trainer, Fitness Model, and Competitor. She just launched No Regret Fitness and she’s ready to whip Los Angeles into shape. This is her story:


Tell me about your fitness background, how long have you been working as a personal trainer?

I have always “wanted” to be active and fit, I started playing soccer in middle school and stuck with it all the way through high school. I was also on the high school track team and swim team. I always wanted to do better, but I didn’t understand why I was always tired and why I had no energy. Honestly, I just thought I was lazy and genetically chubby. I remained active through out college and I was a “cardio bunny,” if you will. All I did was hours and hours of elliptical! It wasn’t until I learned how to feed my body properly that I realized that was the key to physical fitness.

Once I understood nutrition, it opened even more doors for my career and my body composition. I competed in 3 NPC Bikini Competitions (a new form of body building). I completely changed my body and I feel great! I have been personal training for two and a half years and love every minute of it!!!

What made you decide to go into business for yourself?

I worked at a corporate gym for almost two years before I decided I had gotten as far as I could within that company. I learned quite a bit from them and am grateful for the knowledge I gained while I was employed there, but I wanted more. I didn’t want my clients to be just $$ for a larger company- I wanted to create personal programs for my clients instead of shoving them into pre- designed programs.

I also wanted the freedom to make my own decisions and to pursue my own fitness goals at the same time. I want to be better, I want to change people – not only physically but emotionally as well. I don’t want to create a temporary change, I want to instigate a change in the way people see food and the way they view working out.

What has your biggest challenge been thus in making a name for yourself in the industry?

My biggest challenge thus far is the over saturation of mediocre trainers in Los Angeles. One of my clients once told me a joke- she almost didn’t even let it slip.

“What do you call a Personal Trainer in LA?”

An actor who can count to 10!

Another challenge has been finding clients who are ready to commit to a program!

What are the most common issues that people run into who are trying to get into shape?

Lack of consistency and commitment. Most people can start a diet or start a workout program, most can not follow through. Also, many are so used to making excuses, they never figure out where the root cause is. They don’t realize they are their own road block. Accountability is key! If you don’t hold yourself accountable for your own actions, how are you going to see results? If you don’t make a positive change how do you expect to see results? Start small – think big!

I’d like to think that most Los Angelenos try and stay in good shape since it’s an entertainment town.

Does that make your job easier or does it present a different challenge altogether?

There is a big difference between staying in shape and being healthy. The biggest problem in LA is everyone thinks they know better. They often don’t understand why they are doing a particular move, nor do many of them understand how to train their bodies in order to create a balanced symmetrical body.

On a completely other note, many in LA are overweight. We drive everywhere! No one walks, it’s dangerous to ride bikes and we are “too busy” to make and prepare food in advance.

I find proper nutrition in LA is one of the hardest challenges, there are so many fad diets and fad workouts no one sticks to anything for long. Again, if you’re moving, great! But keep it interesting, keep it changing! Keep motivated !!!

What’s your favorite exercise and what exercise would you like to see people doing more of?

100% dead lifts! It is a complete posterior chain activating exercise. Most people have have weak glutes and don’t know how to properly train them! We sit all day. Sitting essentially dehydrates the muscle and makes the rear appear flat. Learn to re-activate those muscles and see a huge gain in metabolic gains and weight loss.

What do you like to do when you’re not being personal trainer?

I am always moving, but when I am not training my clients I am reading about new training concepts and ways to apply these techniques to my clients. When I’m not reading I am working on my own fitness and trying different strategies on myself. I am considering another competition and training for a half marathon. I don’t sit still very well- some people think I’m crazy but I love what I do so it never feels like I am actually working!



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Untapped Fashion & Music at SUR Lounge

This past Wednesday – September 19th – the nationally acclaimed “Untapped Fashion & Music” founded by JORDANA of Untapped Movement took place at SUR Lounge in Los Angeles, CA. (attached a word document with information on the untapped fashion & music concept).

A few of the VIPs whom were in attendance to celebrate the evening included: Ian Bohen of “Teen Wolf”, Jill Wagner – actress on TV series “Wipe Out”, Trevor Penick & Erick Michael Estrada from “O Town”, Sam Sarpong who also performed for the crowd, ABC’s “The Bachelorette as well as Bachelor Pad” Kalon McMahon, Elias Reidy – past guitarist of “Red Jumpsuit Apparatus” who performed & last but not least, musician/songwriter “Justin Joyce”.

The event was hosted by celebrity magician: Kevin Nicholas who entertained the crowd throughout the night with “hard to believe” magic!

Sponsors who made the evening possible were: SM Productions, EricVirgil, Wickid Pissa Publicity, Alamo International & Real Beanz. The official press sponsor of the evening was: Splash Magazines.

A Fashion showcase took place via a live photo-shoot installation at SUR by Barry Biddle of Motivo Studios, where guests got the chance to preview the “Skyfish Swimwear” boyfriend collection from New York. Later in the evening a runway show took place as well.

Models for the show were sponsored by: PEAK MODELS. Hair & Make-Up was provided by Mynxii White & “We are the Hunted”.

The music director whom hosted the event was “Jenni Dunn” & the show was coordinated by “Ryan Peithman”.

Founder of the Untapped Fashion & Music concept & Untapped Movement – JORDANA – was outfitted by SDR (Sex, Drugs & Rock’n’Roll) designed by Teddy Lawson, whom showcased their new LA Star collection. Make-Up was done by Janelyn Marcelo. This was her second time returning to LA by demand after a very successful first show which took place at the beginning of the year! STAY TUNED as this adroit in the industry has a SURPRISE plan for LA Fashion Week from October 19th to October 21st, 2012.

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