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Comedy, jazz, and babies with Camille Harris

NYC comedian and jazz musician Camille Harris is the talent behind “Babies on The Subway.” Her new single, “Above The Trees” comes out today. Don’t miss her live FREE live show on Monday, December 12th at Rockwood Music Hall

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Comedy goes to the dogs this Sunday

Photos by Chris Langston

For the 2nd year in a row the Hoboken Comedy Festival, which boasts to be a celebration of Hoboken’s entertainment independence, will hold an outdoor, Dog Friendly comedy show with dozens of amazing acts.

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Bill Hicks Entire Catalog of Work to be re-issued by Comedy Dynamics


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The Week in One Liners

A collection of the best one liners from last week.

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Tone Bell hosts “Jerks with Cameras” on MTV

In 2011, comedian Tone Bell made the move from corporate America to pursue stand-up comedy when he settled in Los Angeles. Now he’s the host of “Jerks with Cameras” on MTV. We caught up with Tone to discuss his new show and the art of public pranks.

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Sean Kent

By Terri Element

Sean Kent with hat
Sean Kent

“My girlfriend…every night she lays on my shoulder and says, ‘I feel so safe’. And in my head, I’m like, ‘You shouldn’t. If a bunch of ninjas come in right now, there’s not really anything I can do about it.’“
Sean Kent has been a resident all around the country. He was born and raised in Austin, after which he lived in California, Seattle, and is back in Austin again. He started his career intending to be a serious actor. One day for fun, he performed stand-up at an open mike near where his day job was at the time. He fell in love with it right then and there. That was 17 years ago, and he has been performing ever since. Kent has a low-key conversational style in his act that makes you feel like less of an audience member and more like a friend or therapist.
The thing Kent likes most about stand-up is that unlike acting, you don’t have to wait for work, you can just do it. He likes that the comic is a one-man band: the actor, producer, director, etc. The comic has control over the content.
He also loves the repartee that he can develop with an audience. Beyond the actual laughter, Kent says he loves that he’s sharing moments of genuine happiness. Furthermore, he loves that with comedy, the audience can recognize something that they’ve thought of, but haven’t quite been able to put their finger on it until the comic has articulated it.
Kent develops his material from conversations. He takes a germ of an idea from conversations that he’s had and then develops the idea onstage. He doesn’t write down the material, but instead hones the material by recording his shows and repeatedly reviewing the material.
Kent recently returned from his second tour of the Middle East (with comics Paul Hooper, Kristen Key, and Matt Davis. Kent says that he had an exhausting, but amazing time there. He toured 5 countries in 18 days. His days started early in the morning and ended very late at night. Kent’s time was spent traveling to the various bases that he and his fellow stand-up comics would be performing in, meeting the soldiers on the base, and then performing. Kent spoke of how poignant it was to meet the people at the various military bases, and how much they have sacrificed.
Kent is about to star in a reality TV show that is still in the works. He cannot reveal too many details about it yet, however, he does say that the show follows his life. It stars himself and three other guys, and will be out in the fall on A&E. He also has an upcoming album, “Taste My Dream”. For tour dates and other information about Kent, visit SeanKent.com.

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Selena Coppock – The New Rules for Blondes

Selena Coppock
Selena Coppock

YS) The book is The New Rules for Blondes – what are the old rules and what brought about the ones?

SC) In the opening of the book I talk about the “old rules” of blondeness in that the Madonna/whore dynamic was often at play. A blonde woman was either a naive simpleton (such as Sandra Dee) or an unrepentant sexpot (a la Marilyn Monroe) and all blondes were forced into one of those two categories. New rules for blondes are important today because things have changed and blondes have evolved. Just look at bold blondes such as Lady Gaga (naturally a brunette but most often seen with blonde hair now) and Hillary Clinton–blondes are killing it in politics, entertainment, and elsewhere, so I wanted to map out a new pathway for all of us.

YS) You’re a blonde stand-up comic, do you feel you get treated differently by audiences and do you find yourself fighting the stereotype?

SC) I do feel like I often fight the stereotype and I love it. Sometimes when I get on stage at a standup show I can almost feel the audience making certain assumptions about me. I have bright blonde hair and a lot of energy (I’m quite a firecracker on stage) and I love flouting the stereotypes and being much more interesting and intelligent than I think people assume I will be.

YS) Can you talk about the collaborative effort that went into this book? what was it like compiling stories and putting together the narrative?

SC) The New Rules for Blondes is a collection of humorous essays that are all written by me, but I have a few chapters for which I reached out to blonde friends and family for their input and experiences. One chapter is about my blonde mentor, my lovely mother, and her experiences with blondeness and hair color catastrophes during the 1960s and it was so fun to discuss hair with my mother. For another chapter I gathered some true blonde confessions from my light haired pals and that was so great–they each had hilarious, crazy hair color stories and that whole chapter is so much fun. Gathering those stories from friends and compiling them, plus writing all of the essays in the book was a lot of work but it has been so exciting and rewarding.

YS) What’s the most rewarding thing about being blonde?

SC) The way that you can morph and change. Hair color experimentation is so much fun and anyone can do it, but as a blonde it’s so easy to throw on some high lights or low lights and change up your look. I just got some light, springtime high lights and it has made me so happy. Plus, now that I have a blonde book coming out I feel that I must have great hair 24/7. So much pressure!

YS) When is the book release?

SC) You can celebrate with me at my launch party on Tuesday April 23rd at Littlefield in Gowanus Brooklyn (622 Degraw Street between 3rd & 4th Avenues). Doors at 7:30, show at 8pm. It’s a free party with a few hundred dollars of open bar, plus a dance performance, a live reading by me, and free dessert (in the form of blondies). More info here.

Finally, you can pre-order the book here.


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