Super Marvelous with Gary Vider

Gary Vider

Free Comedy at Super Marvelous
by: Will Garre

Gary Vider is a good guy. He’s a funny guy. But never call Gary’s comedy show a “bringer,” because he’ll kill you. Not really. Gary won’t kill you, but he’ll tell you what he told me once: “Don’t call it a bringer, or I’ll seriously kill you.”*

Gary’s free comedy show, Super Marvelous, runs every Tuesday night at The Irish Exit. The show takes place in the sumptuous back room of the pub, which seats about fifty people, lounge-style, and is equipped with its own bar, fireplace, and disco ball. It’s a sweet set up. But what makes this show so special, and why shouldn’t we call it a “bringer”?

A little background on “bringers”: To most new comedians, “bringer” shows provide the rare opportunity to get on stage in front of a real audience. Every performer is required to bring a certain number of guests, and the venue makes good money because all of those guests pay a cover charge and buy at least two drinks. In the end, the new comedian feels great, because he/she has gotten a chance to perform, but, unfortunately, the guests often feel like they didn’t get their money’s worth.

Gary’s show, Super Marvelous, is different. First of all, it’s free. You know how when you walk into your house, you just walk through the door and you don’t have to pay any money? That’s how it is at Super Marvelous, except it’s totally better than your house. (Unless your house has bartenders and mozzarella sticks and good comedians, in which case you should just stay home.)

Also, there is no drink minimum, which is nice, because no one needs that kind of pressure on a night out. You can drink as much or as little as you like.

On top of that—and this is the best part—the comedians are super marvelous, just like the show’s name suggests. Gary recruits tons of pro comics, like TJ Miller, Neal Brennan, Nate Bargatze, Julian McCullough, and Myq Kaplan. Gary himself also performs, and he’s no slouch. Perfectly deadpan, he delivers clever, unpredictable one-liners and short-form jokes that keep the audience engaged and rib-tickled.

In the end, what you get is a win for everybody, and definitely not a “bringer.” New comedians get coveted stage time, seasoned pros get a good audience and free drink tickets, and the audience gets a great show for nothing.

*Gary never said this, because he’s a gentleman. Here’s some stuff he actually did say:

Me: Where are you from?
Gary: I grew up in a few places: Long Island, Massachusetts, and Upstate New York.
Me: How did you get into comedy?
Gary: I got into comedy so I can be a waiter. No I’m kidding. I got into comedy because I enjoy making people laugh, I like attention, and I never wanted to wear a suit. Whenever I see someone wearing a suit on a hot summer day, I think to myself , I’m glad that’s not me. 
Me: Why did you create Super Marvelous?
Gary: I started the show because having your own show gives you complete creative freedom. I wanted a place where I can just do my thing. At my show I can do new jokes whenever I want, and I can put up whoever I think is funny.

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Show information:
Super Marvelous
Tuesdays at The Irish Exit
978 2nd Ave., at 52nd St.
7:30 PM – 9:30 PM

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