Something Outrageous

Something Outrageous

By Erika Delfini

Something Outrageous:
(For the Hopeless Romantic in all of us….
Or for anyone who has to date…
And then of course there is love….)

Something Outrageous is a series of sketches that takes the audience on the wild ride that is modern love, also the somewhat awful truth and/or nature behind the misunderstood, misdirected, ideals of love, sex, and romance in the 21st century. The cast offers their very own unique interpretations of love and sex in today’s day and age.

The show is a non-stop series of sketches intercut with appropriately placed music. The characters are almost outlandish, lending themselves to the inexplicable characteristics as seen in a David Lynch film – perhaps not as creepy, but the feelings of what it means to be human do arise when watching this show, just as I’m sure they arise when watching a David Lynch film. (If you are unfamiliar with David Lynch, then I do implore you to seek him out on Google, in order to gain a greater understanding of the extremes that is “living”).

Without giving too much away, the show is just a fun time to be had with a date or by yourself, the talent is enthusiastic, talented, and offers some of the best facial expressions I have seen in ages. There is something to be said about the free alcohol – it is free. There is also something to be said about the enthusiasm and unlikely approach to defining the unpredictability and/or (treachery) open to any situation that may arise when looking for love, living today, and doing both at the same time.

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