‘So You Think You Can Roast’ Finals

‘So You Think You Can Roast’ Finals
The Friar’s Club Roast of Dennis Rodman
Friday, March 15, 2013

In a night that brought together celebrities and athletes to poke fun at their friend Dennis Rodman, the event was nothing short of a raucous celebration of a man whose persona and public image precedes him.

Rodman, clad in a flamboyant plaid sports coat, sparkly-silver sequined top and gold-colored velour pants, took it on the chin with many of the night’s jokes referencing his recent adventures overseas.

The roasters had more than enough fodder from the former NBA star’s career to grill him with, with gems like: “Dennis got pulled over a few years ago by the police. It was the first time ever he got 3 points in one night!”

As roastmaster, John Salley was exceptional – he kept the night moving as roaster after roaster took their turn to skewer their good friend and colleague.

Just before Rodman took his turn to speak, one roaster chimed in: “Hold on, The United Nations is like 12 blocks away… can we get some translation headphones so everyone can understand what he’s saying?!”

In the end, it was Rodman that left the crowd speechless when he choked up and delivered a tear-jerking, emotional ‘thank you’ to all the roasters. An inaudible Rodman continued before being interrupted by Salley who was nearby to help him translate by saying: “Thank you for coming! Make sure you all tip your waiters.”

Photos Courtesy of David Alan Kogut/Friars Club

Dennis Rodman on the red carpet
Dennis Rodman with Claudia Jordan
John Salley in a blazer
John Salley
Dennis and company
Dennis Rodman with comedians Mike Morse, Alex Forstenhausler and Nick ‘Fitzy’ Stevens
John and Dennis
John and Dennis onstage
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