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Kika Hazan Presents Haus of Men

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It is Haus of Men, designed by a woman. That woman is Kika Hazan, and she joined us to discuss her exciting venture.

Tell me about your fashion background? What influenced you to get into such a competitive industry?
I grew up in a house with three older sisters and my mother. When I got to be around the age of 13, I grew out of my tomboy stage, and really started noticing fashion. From then on I put all my time and efforts to dressing better, and protecting my closet from all the other women in the house. Not being a very vocal person, fashion helped me express how I felt on a certain day, who I want to become, and how I want others to  perceive me. I went to Parsons for design and management where I further learned not only about design but business management as well. After studying in Milan, Italy for a semester and graduating from Parsons I worked in various different fashion entities including, Lafayette 148, Tracy Reese, and Cole Haan. Using my experience and education, I knew now is a better time than any to become a mini entrepreneur and share what I know with others.

What was the motivation behind Haus of Men?
One word. Haus. Haus is not only a name but a man. He is the ideal fashion forward, mans man, that every guy wishes to be friends with. I came across Haus about a year ago and that’s when the idea struck me. Why can all men embody this one guy who seems to have it all?

Who is the content geared towards and who are you hoping to assist with Haus of Men?
This site is geared towards all types of men. It is merely a inspirational site in order to help guide men towards finding their own unique individual style. By using street fashion and articles as a momentum to start shopping smart. We have even gotten a large amount of females followers who are looking to shop better for their man. We know that guys aren’t always the one getting their own clothing, and that’s ok. We are happy to help the women in your life find you something you will love.

Fashion week will be upon on us here in NY in a few months. What styles do you think we can expect to see this year?
By seeing what took place on the runways of Milan, Paris, and London, I expect New York to have the same mix and match, casual chic attitude as well. Possibly midnight blue blazers with black trousers, or even sneakers paired with a more formal outfit. The Haus team and myself are all very excited to attend the mens’ shows this year. We are all looking forward to John Varvatos, Calvin Klein, Osklan, and many more.

New York Fashion Week


Who are your favorite fashion designers and what do you think is most important when figuring out individual fashion tastes?

For myself personally I love Diane Von Furstenberg. Not only are her designs timeless and elegant, her story how she got into the industry and became so successful inspires me everyday. The most important thing to remember when figuring out your own individual fashion style is that there are no rules when it comes to fashion. All that truly matters is that you feel comfortable and you are confident in your decision of what to wear. If you don’t have confidence and feel good, it honestly doesn’t matter what you have on, your attitude will be the first thing to come through to others.

What should men keep in mind when they’re checking out your fashion recommendations?
I want guys to realize when they go onto Haus of Men, that not every outfit featured or every article will be geared towards and your taste. There are a lot of different people that we are trying to reach and sometimes what one person will love, won’t tickle your fancy. But more importantly is that dressing well doesn’t mean spending a lot of money. If you have the money great, but if you are not looking to spend, its okay also. Small details and attention is what makes an outfit, not the price tag. We try and show you the most affordable options as often as possible. We are also currently partnering up with different brands to get you men even better discounts.

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