‘i know my rights!’ the series

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HOLLYWOOD – Veering from the usual Hollywood path of broken dreams, one comedian is
taking back creative control from television networks and putting the power in the hands of
his fans.
Marc Ryan, founder/CEO of Marc Ryan Productions is enlisting the power of Kickstarter to raise
$185,000 to film a full-length season of the viral sensation: web series, “i know my rights!”
The series follows Steve Jessup, a working class good ol’ boy lovingly dubbed “The DUI Lawn
Mower Guy,” and his run-ins with the law and vices as he scoots around town on his lawnmower.
Millions around the world have seen Steve’s character online, and though major networks
have expressed interest in developing a series around Steve, Marc Ryan Productions feels it is
important to develop the series in house to properly serve Steve’s character and fans.
The success of the “i know my rights” series is now in the hands of Steve’s adoring fans and
Kickstarter supporters. If you’re a comedy lover, Marc Ryan Productions asks that you visit
Steve’s Kickstarter page and give what you can. Investors may receive a variety of incentives,
ranging from DVDs of the finished series to walk-on roles during the series’ filming!
Only with the help of the fans can “I Know My Rights” move forward with production. Kickstarter
is an “all or nothing” platform. That means that if the $185,000 goal is not met, “I Know My
Rights” doesn’t get any funding.
Steve’s antics, captured by Marc Ryan Productions, have acquired more than 30 million
combined YouTube views and a highly engaged fan base. Marc Ryan Productions has been
involved in the success of the “Drinking Made Easy” tour and the currently aired Outdoor
Channel show, “Mud Slingers.” Steve’s YouTube videos have already received national
attention. Steve has been featured on “MTV Live”, MSNBC “Caught on Camera”, FOX News
“The O’Reilly Factor”, CNN “Showbiz Tonight”, “Maury Povich”, “Speeders” and more.

For more information check head to www.iknowmyrights.com

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