EDF3 in LA

The comedy sketch group known as Elite Delta Force 3 will be performing in the Los Angeles Comedy Festival, which begins tomorrow. Below is a rather in depth Q and A with group co-founder Nefetari Spencer.

YS: How did you girls get started? where did you meet?

Nefetari: Angela and I created this group together because there was a void for the type of comedy we wanted to see. We all meet through friends of friends or at auditions or from previously performing together in another sketch group called Cleo’s Apt.

YS: Why EDF3?
Nefetari: EDF3 was the name of a sketch Angela wrote. We were having a hard time picking a name we liked. We were almost called “The Hattie McDaniels” or “Prom Night Mistakes”….so EDF3 seemed like the best fit.

YS: How does it feel to be part of the LA Comedy Festival?
Nefetari: It feels great to be a part of the 9th Annual LA Comedy Festival. This will be our 3rd apperance in the Festival. We’re trying to keep the tradition going of winning Audience Favorite. It really is an honor and it opens up our audience up to people who wouldn’t normally come to see us. They catch our show and become fans. Its a great thing to be a part of.

YS: Do you enjoy being an all-female comedy group? How it different from having male members?
Nefetari: Yes, I enjoy having an all-female group but it has it’s challenges. The difference with having male members is wondering which married member will be pregnant this year.

YS: Your Real Housewives of Civil Rights video has taken off. Whose idea was it and did each of you have specific characters you wanted to play?
Nefetari: I said to Angie we have to do something with Atlanta Housewives this year. In previous years I was totally against it but there were too many priceless moments on that show to just let die. Angie came up with the brilliant idea of making it a Civil Rights theme. It was easy to cast the girls because we had played Coretta, Rosa and Maya on stage before. Betty, Winnie and Marilyn are icons so it was natural to want to portray these women as well. Although we have taken some slack from people I would have to say the majority has been positive. I take pride in knowing it has started conversation about Civil Rights and who these iconic women are (were).

YS: When you are not collaborating on comedy, what are your hobbies?
Nefetari: Angie is a fanatic scuba diver. I’m also a painter. Leshay and Indira are moms and Nikea is an advocate for Breast Cancer Awareness having been a survivor for 5 years now.

What can we expect next from EDF3?
We plan on shooting more sketches to post to our youtube page www.youtube.com/EDF3Comedy so we can reach people outside of the local LA area. This is all part of our diabolical plan so we can tour later this summer.

You can check out Elite Delta Force 3 at www.elitedeltaforce3.com

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