Kelly MacFarland onstage

5 Questions with comedian Kelly MacFarland

Comedian Kelly MacFarland is a newly married stepmom, and on her new album “You Woke Up Today,” she provides the blueprint for becoming a modern woman.

AC: How has marriage changed you and how has it changed your friends?

KM: I’m older, so a lot of my friends got married for the first time a long time ago. Most of them are divorced and/or on their second marriage these days. It’s all new to me! I think because I’m older, and a little wiser, and I lived most of my adult life on my own, it just feels like I’m living with my most favorite roommate ever and I get to kiss him whenever I want. I also don’t have to shovel snow, like ever.

AC: What advice do you have for men in the delivery room?

KM: You can’t skip it and skipping it would be my advice. So, with that said, get excited! Pump yourself up like you’re about to do a Tough Mudder, even though it’s more like watching a Tough Mudder…there’s lots of screaming, it’s going to get messy and you’ll need a few drinks and a nap when it’s over.

AC: How do you deal with friends who won’t stop talking about their kids?

KM: Wine. Next question.

AC: Is there one social media channel that you would tell new parents to avoid?

KM: Probably Facebook… FB is the equivalent of the “my honor student is smarter…” bumper sticker, only its non-stop. People have no shame when it comes to bragging about their kids and no one shows you the bad stuff. The hard stuff. Just focus on your own and feel good that your kids aren’t in jail. Don’t compare and be aware. Say it with me… and take note if any of the neighborhood cats are missing. It could be your kid. Get off Facebook and do a puzzle together.

AC:What’s the worst wedding theme you’ve seen?

KM: That’s easy… all wedding themes are bad. You don’t need a theme at a wedding. The theme is built in! The theme is WEDDING. Lean into it.

“You Woke Up Today” is available on iTunes and Amazon

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