Comedy, jazz, and babies with Camille Harris

NYC comedian and jazz musician Camille Harris is the talent behind “Babies on The Subway.” Her new single, “Above The Trees” comes out today. Don’t miss her live FREE live show on Monday, December 12th at Rockwood Music Hall

AC: There are many odd subway experiences, what about babies on the subway inspired you?

CH: Babies on the subway are a universal equalizer. Everyone loves a baby on the subway. Even yesterday I saw this cute baby and all the commuters were making faces. There were these tourist kids who were laughing at everything she did and there was this guy in steel toed boots, going to some construction job probably, playing peekaboo. Sometimes the parent with the baby doesn’t even notice because they are so tired. There are bad and odd things on the Subway, sure, but I’m more inspired in finding the joy.

AC: What’s been your oddest/most memorable subway experience?

CH: I’ve lived in the city for 8 years and the best thing that’s ever happened to me is that I saw my musical hero, Jonatha Brooke, on the Subway.  I’ve been listening to her since I was 6 years old and I actually met her after one of her shows in Colorado when she was touring when I was 7. I saw her on the 6 train at the 33rd street stop and I approached her and rode with her all the way to 86th street. I got to tell her that I have listened to her music basically every day of my life and how much her songwriting has influenced me. We are still in touch and I even send her my music. She connected me with her niece last year who has become one of my closest friends now. It was a pretty life changing ride. Riding the Subway is nice because even if you’re having a bad day, there is always going to be an elderly person or a lady with a stroller who will need help up the stairs and I’ve always found that’s a good way to feel better.

AC: Are there any similarities between being a jazz musician and a comedian?

CH: The comedy scene and the jazz scene are pretty similar in a bunch of ways. Going to a jam is a lot like to going to an open mic in that they are both a way to get to know other artists socially and to connect through performance. I make most of my money through music, I teach piano and I compose music for commercials and internet spots, but I also perform regularly as a comedian. The lifestyles are basically identical. Maybe that’s why there are so many comedians who are friends with musicians and vice versa.

WHO: Jazz musician/singer/comedian Camille Harris

WHAT: Camille Harris will be releasing her new single “Above the Trees” on Friday December 9th where all digital music is sold, and celebrating with a FREE live show December 12th at Rockwood Music Hall.

WHERE: Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 1, 196 Allen Street NYC

WHEN: Monday, December 12 at 10pm


FACEBOOK: Event Details Here

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