Abram Shook releases “Sun Marquee”

A conversation with Austin-based multi-instrumentalist Abram Shook on his recently released LP “Sun Marqee.”

Interview by Contributing writer Cara Donaldson @CD215
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Coco Brown in Space

In 2015, former adult film star Coco Brown will become the first industry talent to venture into the great beyond as she joins the Space Expedition Corporation. We caught up with Coco Brown at Philip Marie restaurant in New York City to discuss her training and reflections on her career in music and adult film.

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Comedian Nick Whitmer at Chelsea Brewing Company

Brooklyn resident and comedian Nick Whitmer sat down with AdamCentric to discuss his burgeoning career, the life of a beer company tour guide, and his advice on what NOT to do if you’re looking for success in the world of stand-up.

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