Mortified at 92Y Tribeca

By Erika Delfini

MORTIFIED: HOSTED by 92Y Tribecca, once a month.
(a how to guide to getting over, rationalizing/relating to the mysterious times
we call, the teenage years)

Imagine, taking those awkward, lesser known moments your friends in New
York City may not know about you, to some the forgotten years – and for
good reason; take those moments in high school, at prom, any day of the
week really that was included in those tumultuous years marked between
pre-adolescence (maybe around 12 years old) to that of post adolescence
(maybe, hopefully, 18 years old) – take those moments, write them all down,
in a journal, pause, stop for reflection, laugh a little, and then move on,
simple as that (no?)

Mortified hosted at the 92Y Tribecca, once a month allows for some very
cathartic entertainment. Once a month, comedians, business executives,
salesmen, etc, take to the stage with a journal in hand, most likely written
circa 1980s-90s with the intention of giving the audience a glimpse into their once world of teenage angst, drama, heartache and just plain humiliation. It spans an array of stories, photos and videos of people, now old enough to realize the “irony” of the times. In other words, the consuming powers of the teenage thought process comes crashing down right before your eyes, on stage, allowing you to take heed in other peoples growing pains, as they so eloquently allow us to join them in the reclaiming of their dignity, one photo/prom story/crazy clock infatuation (you had to be there) at a time.

This is called Mortified, this is about you and me and other people who are
human and at once, exhibited weird, often times inexplicable behavior for
the sake of rationalizing the teenage wasteland, that is just as irrelevant now in your twenties as maybe they should have said it would be when we were
living in it however many years ago. Any one can partake, as long as you
have a story, photos and videos probably optionally, but they do add a little
extra to the story.

Mortified also airs on the Sundance Channel, has a printed edition, there
are web videos, and also, has chapters all over the country and world
(like Sweden). A good show, good music to accompany these harrowing
misadventures, and of course told by some very good, brave individuals of
all shapes, sizes, occupations, age, race, etc, etc, etc. Go see it.

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