Amy Poehler at 92Y

Somewhat surprisingly, Amy Poehler has a similar fanbase to that of teen pop sensation Justin Bieber, or at least it seemed that way when she walked onstage at the 92Y on Friday night.

Ms. Poehler was in town for a sit down chat with film and television blogger Caryn James, just having wrapped up the 4th season of Parks and Recreation on NBC. Amy Poehler sits high above all others on the pantheon of funny comedic actresses, forming a tag team duo of sorts with Tina Fey. She seems very down to earth and approachable, someone whom you could walk up to on the street and say hi to and not get a nasty ‘what do you want’ glance.

The evening began with a discussion of her latest projects and then delved into the struggle that is being a comedian and an actress and being successful at it. Seeing as the audience was predominantly female college students, Amy was very open about help them live their dreams, even if it meant stomping on them first. This is not to say she discouraged anyone – but she did point out that comedy is about loving comedy while not making any money for at least a decade. Poehler discussed her early work and how rewarding it is to find a stage buddy who can help you when you’re sucking at improv.

Amy’s career began with her founding of the Upright Citizen’s Brigade, currently a breeding ground for the next big comedy stars. That endeavor took her to Comedy Central, and then to SNL, and now to Parks and Recreation. Amy doesn’t have any bawdy stories to share ala Sarah Silverman, or Chelsea Handler. She’s just funny and upbeat and amusing to listen to.

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