Sitting in the back of a very fancy restaurant in Columbus Circle, three of the founding members of Comedians-At-Law – JL Cauvin, Alex Barnett, and Kevin Israel joined me to discuss the upcoming ‘Lawmageddon’ tour, their humble roots, and what we can expect from a gathering of funny lawyers.

YS: How did this tour come together?

KI: We all met each other through common connections, and once we started talking we realized we had a niche group that we could appeal to and we decided to see if we could market ourselves throughout the country.

YS: How’s the tour going?

AB: It’s going great, the notice we’re getting from people is terrific. We’re starting to sell out our venues already and we’re really excited about the upcoming shows.

YS: Are most lawyers inherently funny?

JL: No, I’d say most lawyers are not.

AB: That’s true, that’s why they’re coming to the show, because we might actually make them laugh for a change.

KI: I think we can pretty much claim any industry and do ‘That of Comedy’ so right now we’ll just do lawyers and if that doesn’t work out we’ll try doctors. Nobody needs to know what we actually do.

JL: Planned Parenthood security guards probably have a tour in the works.

YS: How do your families feel about this?

JL: My mom is crying right now. She is not happy with the life choices I’ve made.

AB: People didn’t expect this when we got our law degrees.

KI; I haven’t told my parents, they think I’m at a client meeting right now where I’m billing out at $450 an hour.

YS: Where can we catch the tour?

AB: We’re starting in Washington DC on February 22th at the DC Improv.

JL: The next stop is February 28th, Chicago, Zanie’s. March 20th, David Square Theater in Boston. March 22nd, the Hollywood Improv. March 29th, Helium in Philadelphia and we wrap up at Gotham Comedy Club in NY on April 3rd.

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