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Twas the week before New Year’s, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, except for comedic actress Ann Carr, star of the web series ‘The Actress.’ YuletideSnapper caught up with Ann to get the scoop on her latest work and what her hopes are for 2012.

YS: As 2011 comes to an end, how has your year been?
AC: It’s been an awesome year! My fiancé (co-writer on ‘The Actress’ Warren Holstein) and I moved to an awesome new apartment and I’m spending my days doing and pursuing what I love – which is acting and writing. I’m waiting for everything to hit the shitter in 2012, though. My inner monologue basically revolves around the delightful question ‘when is the sky going to fall?’

YS: What was your inspiration for ‘The Actress?’ and what’s the experience been like making it?
AC: I’m inspired by darkness (see above). The moments that I find myself sort of mulling over are those that cause me the most pain. Take the very first episode that takes place in Starbucks where my character Hannah is inconsolable and crying in public. That happened. For real. And even though it was painful and embarrassing to live through, there was a voice inside that was like – ‘this is comedy gold’ (okay, that voice only piped up after a couple more hours of spasming and slobbering).

YS: What would you like an aspiring performer to take away from a show that focuses on the struggles of the industry?
AC: I hope they see that more than anything they have a voice. And that they have the power to exercise it. And when you think about the great performers that you really love, they never stop crafting their voice. It’s challenging and it feels like it goes unnoticed at times, but I aim to keep refining mine for the rest of my life. I think it’s extremely powerful when a performer discovers they are also an artist who can create in addition to being an instrument for other’s creations. Also… farts.

YS: When you’re not filming The Actress, what’s your favorite character to do for an audience?
AC: I have many characters who I love and adore, and I usually take the show and/or audience into account – but I have a soft spot for this character of mine named Chris Cuttler who is best described as: Mid-late thirties. Slightly, frosted mullet. She’s your Catholic high-school gym teacher that was so butch you swore you could see hair peeking through her polo. Of course her sexuality was never discussed or revealed, but she did play a LOT of Sarah McLaughlin’s ‘Possession’. Legs in wide-stance. She speaks in a high-pitched, Midwestern falsetto and prides herself on wisdom gleaned from the school of hard knocks (she makes lots of vague references to vices she might, or might not have participated in, i.e. ‘over-eating’, or ‘breaking out the crack pipe’). Most of all, she’s fond of referring to our impending mortality.

YS: Any New Year’s Resolutions?
AC: To successfully launch Season 3 of ‘The Actress’, write a pilot, get a development deal and pull off a wedding. Is that enough? The sky is still up there, right?

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